Wilson takes charge of Rylands again


10th January 2017

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Rylands Sharks have announced that Matt Wilson has returned to his position of Head of Coaching ahead of the 2017 National Conference Season.

Wilson stepped down at the end of the 2016 season, allowing Eddie Harris and Ant Braide to take over at the club, but due to both coaches taking on new work roles they have been unable to commit as much as they would of hoped to prompted Harris to ask Wilson to step back in.

"Eddie was struggling with his work commitments and didn't feel he could give it was much justice as he wanted. Ant has a baby on the way is looking to play and is working away a lot so the portrait has changed a lot since we asked them to take over," said Wilson.

He added: "I spoke with the wife who has begrudgingly given me the ok! As long as I stepped away from the Chairman piece.

"I am going to give it my best shot again I have a little girl on the way so it's important I have good people around me to allow me to be committed.

"Eddie will continue to be heavily involved coaching and Ant will continue and get a bit more involved in taking sessions when he isn't playing or having to work.

"I believe you can't have enough good people around you so I have asked Mark Robinson from the second team and Rob Campbell from the under 18s to help me out with first team duties too when Eddie or Ant can't be there."

Rylands' pre-season preparations begin this Tuesday 8pm - 9pm at the new Kings Leadership Academy in Woolston followed by Thursdays 8-9 at Rylands.

Wilson is excited to get going again: "I can't wait to get back on the field with the players now we have lost Gav Conroy to play NCL Prem rugby and Mathew Taylor has retired, but I'm hoping we have kept the nucleus of last year's really strong squad

"We will be looking to add some of our talented 18s, second team and bring some new faces to offer competition for places in 2017. We will be working hard to do that - it promises to be another big year down at Shark Park."

Off the field Mark Wilson (Chairman), Nick Boyle (Vice Chairman), Kate Kirkham (Secretary) have all agreed to take on new roles within the club's new management group following Matt Wilson and Steve Wyche stepping down.

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